SNES or Sega Genesis?

As a kid growing up in the 1990s, there were often schoolyard debates over which was the better console, the Super Nintendo or the Sega Genesis.  While consoles today have only minimal differences and most games are ported to multiple systems, this was not the case back then.  The SNES and Genesis had significant differences when it came to processing speed, graphical power, and sound, and while you might find the same titles on both systems quite frequently, even the games with the same titles were often different from one system to another, which led many gamers to pick one as their favorite.  For many kids, the debate ultimately came down to a personal preference, yet we all still argued our points as well as we possibly could at the time in order to try and convince others that we were right.

One of the greatest divides that came about between gamers of this era had to do with ports of the arcade game Mortal Kombat.  Nintendo, wanting to remain a family friendly company, decided to censor their version of the game in order to reduce the amount of violence and gore that was in it.  While the Genesis version was censored out of the box, there was a simple code that could be punched in at the title screen in order to activate the blood, gore, and all of the brutal fatality moves within the game.  Because of this, many of the pro-Genesis gamers argued that the Genesis version was much better than the SNES version.

While the SNES had better graphics and sound, the Genesis had a faster processor, which is what made games like Sonic the Hedgehog so popular.  Ultimately, however, the preference that any gamer showed for either system was completely subjective.